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In the beginning days of our company, there were many indicators that clearly identified the Need and Benefits of our CeilingSoothers products, but two stood out and spoke loudly. The first relates to the Need… somewhere on the internet, we saw a post of someone that was thankful for a water stain that appeared on the ceiling because they had something to look at instead of counting the pinholes on the ceiling tiles.

The second relates to the Benefits… A potential investor in our company, even though he liked our idea, looked at the prototype and made the comment;  “If I was in the ER with a serious problem… I’m not sure if this ceiling tile would aggravate me or not”  Our reply was simple and obvious. Most people would not react irritably, but if they did, it wouldn’t be a concern... In fact, an irritable reaction would serve as proof that the CeilingSoothers Ceiling Tile is doing its job, as it was successful in diverting the patient’s attention away from their own condition!

CeilingSoothers Ceiling Tiles...
  • Provide positive diversion and actual entertainment during an otherwise negative episode.

  • Establish an intimate connection and even a bond with the sponsor’s brand, without the insulting feel of advertising.

  • Effect cost savings, as even a few minutes of keeping the patient entertained allows clinicians a little more time to accomplish their tasks. The annual, facility-wide result is a respectable amount of time saved.

  • Are of Great Benefit to Patients, Clinicians, Facilities, and Advertisers, all with a minimal infrastructural cost.

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