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AN OPPORTUNITY FOR SPECIFIC ADVERTISERS, LIKE NO OTHER - Becoming the Sponsor of a CeilingSoothers Ceiling Tile gives Your Brand the exposure you would expect from this target market, with One Huge Advantage… Your Future Customer’s Gratitude, in advance...

Now when a patient lies on their back, staring at the ceiling, they’ll have something to keep them busy, bringing a smile to their face.  As the Sponsor of a CeilingSoothers Ceiling Tile, Your Company helped to divert the patient’s discomfort during their unforgettable life event...

They will appreciate this, Your Brand Will Definitely Be Remembered, and a New Trust Will Have Been Established.
This is marketing on the front lines, unparalleled saturation with the rewarding ancillary effect of giving the patient a positive feeling in their otherwise negative situation. Hospitals and Clinicians alike will Thank You for helping them to increase their effective time. Everybody Wins…

This Sponsorship is Natural for Pharmaceutical Companies, Health Food and Nutritional Chains, Birth Related Products, Insurance Companies, Pharmacy Chains and Healthcare System Branding.

The Cost of Sponsorship is merely the cost of the CeilingSoothers Tiles. Quantity Discounts are available. Delivery is prompt with supplied Logo files. Simple installation and implementation can be expedited through an arrangement between your company and the facility’s engineering department.
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