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CeilingSoothers Ceiling Tiles are an effective and economical way to positively impact every area of any medical or dental facility. The simple addition of a CeilingSoothers Tile above each treatment, testing and waiting area will improve patient comfort and the general attitude of all who see it.

There is also an ancillary time benefit for Clinicians. With their patients elevated to a slightly better mood, they are able to save some patient attention without the consequence of the patient feeling neglect. Pharmaceutical Brands, Pharmacies, and Health Food Purveyors will see unprecedented response by sponsoring the ceiling tile that gifted their potential customer with the positive dose of Takemymindoffitall.

CeilingSoothers offers a wide selection of ceiling tiles for any application and can be custom tailored to suit any Décor. Your Patients will thank you as they recognize the sincere concern that you’ve given to the comfort of their mind as well as their body.
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