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In a few words, Why CeilingSoothers?

CeilingSoothers Ceiling Tiles are an easy, cost effective way to dramatically improve a patient’s psychological comfort as well as the atmosphere of a clinical setting. 

Are they Safe?
CeilingSoothers ceiling tiles meet the flame spread requirements as a class A rating, the best rating attainable.

How long will CeilingSoothers Tiles last?
The simple answer… Many Years! Images are directly printed using UV curing acrylic based inks that under normal interior conditions, will not peel and are fade resistant.

What are the Benefits to Advertisers / Sponsors?
CeilingSoothers deliver an unprecedented amount of a patient’s undivided attention. It is important to remember the patient is also a consumer. Your brand will be seen over and over during the average clinical visit. The content of our CeilingSoothers designs are patient comfort driven with brand sponsorship appearing on approximately 10% of the panel. While the sponsor message may not appear to be prominent, this is indeed a case of “less is more”. People have plenty of time to see your brand and they will respond to it, after all, it was Your Brand that sponsored their comfort. This delivers more than a traditional ad… you have bonded with the consumer, you were there for them during their unforgettable life event. There is not an advertising medium in existence that can offer your brand the retention of a CeilingSoothers Tile Sponsorship.  Because of the situation that a patient is in while looking at your brand’s logo, there is the distinct possibility of converting a lifetime user of a competitive product, bringing them to try your brand almost out of obligation.

Do you have a catalog with pricing for your products?
We don't print a traditional paper catalog because we are always adding to our product selection. Like most companies, we rely on our website to completely communicate our ideas, our products and price. We Do Not however, subscribe to the new world principals of making it impossible to ask questions or deal with a real person. We answer our phones with our customer’s satisfaction in mind, and no electronic messages promising to “serve you better”.  

Are translucent CeilingSoothers tiles available to replace the plastic lenses of our existing fluorescent light fixtures?
Not as of yet, but we are developing a line of light tiles in the future. If you would like us to send you an e-mail when this product line becomes available, click here.

What is the process for a Custom Designed CeilingSoothers Tile?
A complete explanation is available in the “Custom” section of our Styles Gallery, click here to be transported to this area. If you would rather talk to us about the design and ordering process, please feel free to call us at 800 222-2222.

How can I see an actual Ceiling Tile; do you have a showroom?

Our company is factory direct and internet based. You may order one tile if you wish for evaluation. This will give you a clear understanding of the overall quality of the product. We strongly suggest however, that you install the tile in a ceiling to see its positive effect firsthand. If after 30 days, you do not like it for any reason, we will send a call tag, and refund your purchase price and shipping immediately after the item is picked up.

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