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The CeilingSoothers concept was conceived during a visit to the Emergency Room in 2004. Laying there with uncertainty, waiting on the results of my blood tests and x-rays for what seemed to be hours, I became increasingly anxious and uncomfortable. Of course this discomfort began when I felt the need to go to the hospital in the first place, but upon checking in, my mental comfort began to slide downhill. On my back in limbo, I continued to stare at the ceiling which led me to understand that this was the natural progression shared by most in this situation. I began thinking to myself that if there had been something to look at above; it would have extended some comfort to my thoughts, instead of the blank white ceiling which only served as a blank canvas for my imagination, as well as my negative thoughts during this negative episode.

Right then, in the ER, I fashioned the prototype of a CeilingSoothers Ceiling Tile in my mind. Remarkably, the thinking process of creating this new product took the attention away from my situation, the diversion helped me tremendously. There, in front of me, was my market research!  The next day I told a few friends and family members of my idea for interactive ceiling tiles in clinical settings and although everyone thought it was a great idea, it became one of “those ideas” that I just didn’t follow through with… until roughly three years later, when I found myself laying down in a staging area waiting to undergo a routine procedure. Having to stare at that blank white ceiling once again rekindled my idea, only this time the fundamental and obvious need for this product appeared to me very clearly. That night, CeilingSoothers was born and this helpful and necessary product finally came to life. It is my sincere wish that our Ceiling Tiles will offer even a little comfort to the thoughts and minds of patients worldwide.

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